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Hijab Printing Bandung is a company engaged in the service provider of a hijab scarf business solution. We are an integrated company from who handle production to finished products. We provide convenience and simple solution to customers who want to run a hijab scarf business.

No, you can’t. We only provide a business solution. As a business partner, you have to use your own brand. You can insert and place your own logo in all the hijab you have ordered via Hijab Printing Bandung.

The order usually finishes in the range 10-14 days excluding shipping time.

No, you can’t. We only sell business package. You can think Hijab Printing Bandung as a wholesale store with minimum order.

Yes, we do have a return policy. We provide a warranty if there are any products that are not in accordance with the standard of our products.

No, you can’t. We do not offer dropshipping services.

We use a high quality Voal Sleek Premium as our fabric for all the hijabs.

You just have to order a business package with a larger quota, so you automatically become a member of the package. Specifically for gold packages, you must meet several requirements first. For more information about the Gold package, please contact our CS.

Please check our product terms and conditions. There is a tolerance limit for colors. If it is too far from the tolerance limit, we provide a return guarantee for the product you purchased.

Unfortunately you cannot, at least for now. However, we are committed to providing many design options that are suitable for the hijab market. Therefore, we will issue new designs every month.

We are located at Jl. Gumuruh no. 34, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

All the payment is done through our system on the website. You can use bank transfers, credit cards and internet banking to make order payments.

All the information about your order will be delivered through the website, you can track the order process.

For now, we only provide a hijab scarf with size of 115 cm x 115 cm.

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